Researchers find new role of protein that causes deaf blindness in humans

A new role for a protein that is mutated in Usher Syndrome (the most common form of deaf-blindness in humans) has been discovered by University of Iowa Scientists. The study indicated that the protein called harmonin, which is known to
be involved in sound sensing in the inner ear, may also play a role in
the transmission of sound information to the brain. The details in depth of the study can be found as published in Nature Neuroscience.


USU students help hearing impaired kids in Vietnam

Four Utah State University graduate students and two professors recently spent a month in Vietnam, where they trained teachers to work with hearing-impaired children. They also took with them thousands of dollars worth of hearing aids and
other equipment to help treat Vietnamese children who have hearing loss. The USU group was invited on the trip by Seattle-based Global Foundation for Children With Hearing Loss.
Thirteen other audiology and deaf education professionals from around
the country joined them to share their knowledge and latest techniques.


Donate used hearing aids to help Utah children

The Utah Department of Health’s Hearing Aid
Recycling Program (HARP) is seeking used hearing aids for families who
cannot afford them and don’t qualify for Medicaid.

The recycling program reconditions used
devices that are in good shape. Those that can’t be used are sold for
salvage or sent to a manufacturer for credit toward the purchase of new
hearing aids.

To donate hearing aids, make a cash donation, or to see if your child qualifies for HARP, call 801-584-8215.


Hiking for hearing

Ryan Roberts, a resident of North Central Texas was selected to receive a scholarship that will allow him to visit the Grand Canyon this month and there he will collect sound data for an online campaign to educate the public about hearing and hearing loss. The Hear the World Sound Academy program brings 17 students of mixed
hearing abilities (most with varying degrees of hearing loss) together
to explore the role that sounds plays in our lives.


Task force proposes changes for Utah schools for deaf, blind

A task force formed by the State Board of Education has been examining the role and effectiveness of the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind and has presented several recommendations, one of which includes that the agency relocate from Ogden to Salt Lake City and another that its advisory council have a stronger role. The State Board hasn’t taken any action on the report, but plans to further study the recommendations.


Alabama Power donates $500K

The Alabama Power Company has donated $500,000 to the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind as the lead commitment for the campaign to build a new health center that would provide services to deaf/blind children and adults. The goal is to raise the $2 Million needed for the project, but it is a helpful start.


Robinson new director at AIDB Regional Center

The Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind welcome its new Talladega Regional Center Director. Patrick Robinson, a graduate from the Alabama School for the Deaf and Gallaudet University has become a real community leader and a national award-winning coach and is becoming responsible for overseeing the operations of the center located in Talladega, which include early intervention services, assistive technology, sign language classes, and other such services that assist those who are deaf/HH or blind.