Remote interpreters make difference for the deaf in Utah’s rural communities

Rural communities often don’t have the amenities of city life, and the lack of services sometimes presents a significant challenge when it comes to learning.

Video-conferencing technology, however, is now making a difference for the deaf in some of Utah’s most hard-to-reach places.


Baby’s First Test Webinar

Webinar: Health Equity in Newborn Screening
Tuesday, April 24th at 11 AM EDT
On Tuesday, April 24th at 11 AM EDT, Baby’s First Test is hosting a webinar to discuss health equity and how it relates to newborn screening. During the webinar, participants will be joined by Carol Johnson, Iowa’s Newborn Screening Follow Up Coordinator, and Jennifer Marcy and Jaclyn Kotlarek, Iowa Genetic Counselors, to learn about their experience with health equity. The webinar will be hosted through GoToWebinar, a free, online meeting platform. To register for the meeting, simply click on the link below.