Parents with children who are deaf or hard of hearing have new resource in California

Seventeen-month-old Copper loves to play and his hearing loss can’t slow him down. When he was born, his parents learned they would be dealing with a new parenting challenge.

“It was completely different than raising our other two, as far as not knowing what he needed. So in that aspect it was different, but as far as development he’s a little boy just like the other two,” said Bethany Sellia, Copper’s mom

Reminder: FL3 Webinar September 6, 2018

Register now for this upcoming webinar sponsored by the Hands & Voices Family Leadership in Language and Learning (FL3) Project

Title:   “A Deeper Dive into Family Engagement:  Supporting Parents on EHDI Advisory Committees and Learning Communities”

This webinar is a deeper look into family engagement in EHDI systems, specifically how to create a supportive environment for parents on EHDI Advisory Committees and Learning Communities.
Thursday September 6th, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM MT
Primary Audience:  Family leaders, family-based support organizations.  Additional audience participants encouraged to attend:  EHDI Program Staff, pediatric health care professionals and other EHDI stakeholders.
Description:  This session will expand on the topic of family engagement discussed during webinars facilitated by Hands & Voices in 2017.  Strategies for how to support parents serving on EHDI Advisory committees and learning communities will be shared, including recruitment tips, orientation plans, and meeting contribution ideas.
Presenter:  Candace Lindow-Davies, Director of Outreach, Hands & Voices

Candace Lindow-Davies is the parent of a son who is deaf with additional needs. Ms. Lindow-Davies has over 16 years of experience in management for Minnesota Hands & Voices before becoming part of the Hands & Voices Headquarters staff as the Director of Outreach and a co-Director of the H&V FL3 project.  She previously served as a parent consultant for the MN Dept. of Health’s Newborn Hearing Screening Program, and also served as co-chair for the Center for Disease Control’s parent-to-parent committee, developing parent materials for national use.

A special thanks to NCHAM for their staff and technical support for making this webinar possible.