Binaural Interference Linked to Abnormal Fusion of Sound Between the Ears

Many people with binaural hearing loss will benefit from wearing hearing devices, such as hearing aids or cochlear implants, in both ears. However, not everyone benefits from aiding both ears; some will experience binaural interference, in which sounds and speech are less clear when using a hearing device in both ears than in one ear only.


How a Deaf High School Mascot Moves the Crowd to His Beat

On the court, the Portland High School Bulldogs are reigning Maine state basketball champions. But, during most games this season, the crowd often finds it inspiration from what’s happening on the sidelines.

Freshman Kamron King is the team’s mascot and “sixth man.” Dressed in an over-sized gray Bulldog outfit, King often runs the sidelines getting the crowd into a frenzy. He’s also deaf and can’t hear any of it.


Congenital CMV Screening: Should We Take a Universal or Targeted Approach?

It is well-known that congenital CMV infection can result in a sensorineural hearing loss, and that the earlier we can detect that loss the better. Yet CMV screening is challenging not only because of screening accuracy but in interpreting the results. So what approach should we take to detect a significant CMV infection in newborns?