New Resource Available: Learning About Hearing Loss, A Roadmap for Families, Spanish Version

What should families do in the case of a concern about their child’s hearing? NCHAM has provided a roadmap for parents/families to learn about hearing loss and the steps to be taken, which previously was only available in English, there is now a Spanish version of the Parent Roadmap available.

¿Que deberían de hacer los padres si tienen algunas preocupaciones de
la audición de sus hijos o presenten sordera? NCHAM ha creado una gr
diagrama para los padres que muestra los pasos que se deberían de tomar para detectar
si hay p
érdida de audición en sus hijos. Antes solo disponible en ingles, esta gráfica “Una Guia Para Las Familias” esta
ya disponible en español.


AAPs EHDI Email Express: August 2012 "An Admission" by Albert Mehl, MD

“Every waking hour of every day, it’s
school. And for a tiny baby newly enrolled in life’s “school,”
missing information is not a choice, it is a tragedy. We’re in the business of
making sure that newborn babies aren’t faced with a life of time spent missing information.”

                      –Albert Mehl, MD

Read more about what Dr. Mehl had to say in “An Admission” by following this link.


Colorado Passes Law to Regulate SLP Profession by Requiring Certification

Colorado became the final state to regulate speech-language pathologists. All states also regulate the profession of audiology.

Under the new Colorado law, SLPs—except for those in school settings—require certification under the Director of the Division of Registrations through the Department of Regulatory Agencies. The law protects consumers by regulating who may provide speech-language pathology services; sets educational standards and provides title protection for practitioners.


The September edition of Probes and Tips is now available: Get the Most from Your OAE Equipment

The September edition of Probes and Tips is now available: Get the Most from Your OAE Equipment. This edition includes such items as:

  • Aspects of caring for your OAE Hearing Screening equipment
  1. Have the equipment calibrated annually to ensure accuracy
  2. Check with equipment manufacturer/vendor to ensure that you’re running the latest version of firmware/software


Genetic Therapy Used to Restore Sense of Smell in Mice

Scientists have found a way through gene therapy to restore the sense of smell to mice that were previously genetically altered with a disease that had taken away their sense of smell. This particular disease affected microscopic hairs insi

de the mouse called cilia that would allow them to detect chemicals in the air. Diseases that affect the cilia are also partly responsible for some diseases in humans such as blindness, deafness, and kidney disease. Have these scientists set the stage for therapeutic approaches to treating other diseases/disorders that involve cilia dysfunction?