Oberkotter Foundation Spring 2013 Program Support Grant Cycle

Trustees of the Oberkotter Foundation are pleased to announce the Spring 2013
Program Support grant cycle.  Through
their Program Support grants, the Trustees are currently funding projects that
increase opportunities for families of children (0-3) who are deaf or hard of
hearing to access affordable, quality early intervention services in listening
and spoken language as early as possible. 
For Spring 2013, they will be accepting proposals that specifically focus
on one of the following areas to achieve that goal:

loss-to-follow-up for newborn hearing screening;

timely entry into early intervention;

transitions from early intervention at age (3); and

innovative projects

applicants are requested to submit a Letter of Intent to apply between December
1, 2012 and January 4, 2013, through the Oberkotter Foundation’s online
application process
.  Applicants will be
notified by January 18, 2013, whether they have been invited to submit a full
proposal in March 2013.  Please visit www.oberkotterfoundation.org for
more information about the Oberkotter Foundation’s Program Support grants and
about accessing the Foundation’s online application process.

Link: http://oberkotterfoundation.org/program-support-grants/