Listening to Kai: What My Deaf Son Taught Me About Being Perfect

I was a first time mother, far from home, when I discovered that my three-year-old son had a hearing impairment.

It was a shock because he had passed all his hearing tests and was even one of the first babies in my mothering group to say “bye-bye” on cue. I thought he was not only developing by the book, but excelling too.

Read more of one mother’s perspective at the link below.


The Institute for Healthcare Improvement is presenting The Ups and Downs of Health Care Costs and Reform

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement is presenting  The Ups and Downs of Health Care Costs and Reform — will take place on Thursday, February 12, from 2 to 3 PM ET. There session is free. This should help inform EHDI stakeholders regarding financing of services for children. Topics to be covered include global payments and the various payer-led financial carrots and sticks in play right now designed to improve health care delivery; the state of statewide reforms, Medicaid expansion, and community-led, population health-driven experiments; and the bright spots and storm clouds on the horizon.


Not Just Language: Cochlear Implant Users Can Hear And Feel The Beat In Music Too

People who use cochlear implants for profound hearing loss do respond to certain aspects of music, contrary to common beliefs based on limited scientific research. Writing in Hearing Research, a team says exposure to the beat in music, such as drums, can improve the emotional and social quality-of-life of cochlear implant users and may even help improve their understanding and use of spoken language.