Read more about 2015 EHDI Meeting plenary presenter, Rachel Kolb, and her family in “Different Perspectives on Raising a Deaf Child”

Rachel Kolb is a Stanford graduate and Rhodes scholar who is currently pursuing a PhD in English literature at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. Rachel was born profoundly deaf to hearing parents and grew up bilingual, using both sign language and spoken English.

Learn more about her family’s experiences at the link below.


Watch deaf woman’s incredible sign-language exchange with Starbucks barista

When Rebecca King, who is deaf, pulled up to the drive-thru at her local Starbucks on Monday, the last thing she expected was a barista to communicate with her in sign language.

King, 28, was thrilled when she was able to use sign language to give her order to barista Katie Wyble, 22, at a Starbucks in St. Augustine, Florida, through a new digital video screen set up at the drive-thru. A day later, King went back to get her usual coffee and filmed their sign language exchange in a video that has since been viewed nearly 6 million times on Facebook.


Unlocking the Mysteries of the Deaf Brain

Although studied for centuries, much remains unknown about the human brain. The deaf brain in particular is still a mystery in part because this population often uses different cognitive and communication processes than hearing people. RIT’s Peter Hauser is a leader in analyzing the deaf brain, how it differs from the hearing brain, and the effect of sign language on cognition.

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