Factors Related to Eligibility for IDEA Part B Preschool Services

NCHAM has developed a new document that provides insight into state variability in eligibility for IDEA Part B preschool services for children who are D/HH.  Aspects of Eligibility for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing under IDEA Part B Section 619 Preschool: A Survey Report [PDF] shares information provided from 32 state and 2 territory Part B Section 619 Preschool programs, highlighting state differences in eligibility requirements and eligibility determination process. This document may be of interest to EHDI partners and families.

Link: http://www.infanthearing.org/earlyintervention/docs/aspects-of-part-b-eligibility.pdf

CMV Public Health and Policy Conference Abstract Submission process OPEN

The abstract submission process for the 2016 CMV Public Health and Policy Conference is now open! Please submit your abstract at https://www.xcdsystem.com/CMV/abstract/index.cfm?ID=ypKCYLn between now and March 21, 2016.
The goal of the Congenital CMV conference is to present the latest research on diagnosis and treatment, raise awareness, delineate prevention efforts, provide information about early intervention options, and disseminate family support resources in an effort to reduce the number of babies born with CMV and connect families affected by CMV with the resources they need to improve their quality of life.To learn more about the conference, check out http://www.cmvconference.org.

Link: https://www.xcdsystem.com/CMV/abstract/index.cfm?ID=ypKCYLn

Electronic Baby Toys Associated with Decrease in Quality and Quantity of Language in Infants

Not all ‪toys‬ are created equal when it comes to ‪infant‬ and ‪toddler‬ development. Electronic toys for infants that produce lights, words and songs were associated with decreased quantity and quality of language compared to playing with books or traditional toys such as a wooden puzzle, a shape-sorter and a set of rubber blocks, according to an article published online by JAMA Pediatrics.

Link: http://neurosciencenews.com/toys-language-neurodevelopment-3330/

New technology, classrooms part of renovation at school for deaf

In one new classroom, deaf students will produce newscasts and learn from a teacher 300 miles away. In other classrooms, middle school students will have their own dedicated space for learning.

Renovated classrooms and new technology mean additional opportunities for students at the Scranton School for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children.

Link: http://thetimes-tribune.com/news/new-technology-classrooms-part-of-renovation-at-school-for-deaf-1.1989115