Move Over Zika, We Need To Talk About CMV

The news is full of the Zika virus, which is understandable as we await the outcomes of the potential spread of that virus. I hope that we are able to find a prevention strategy for this virus soon. I do find myself wondering, however, why we spend so much time talking about the Zika virus, which thus far has only impacted a handful of pregnancies in this country, yet our airwaves are silent on the topic of another virus that causes 1 in 750 American children to be born with or develop permanent problems due to the virus. That virus is CMV or Cytomegalovirus.

Every hour, one child is permanently disabled by CMV


Researchers study how cochlear implants affect brain circuits

Cochlear implants have helped many people hear, but not all kids take to them well. UC Davis researchers are using EEG scans of deaf and hearing children to look at how using the implants affects the ‘balance of power’ between brain areas. Ultimately the work could lead to interventions that help kids better adapt to using cochlear implants.