Learn about a new language: Pro-Tactile ASL

Language is always evolving, and this new form of communicating emerged in the early 2000s. Deaf-blind Americans created a language that uses humans’ first language — touch. No sight or sound needed.

Pro-Tactile American Sign Language is not widely known, but it’s changing the way deaf-blind people communicate with each other.  Previously they’ve relied on Braille, fingerspelling, or using an interpreter.

Link: http://www.fox10phoenix.com/entertainment/fox-content-hub/216753090-story

The November issue of Probes and Tips is now available: Tracking Tool Update Makes Hearing Screening Follow-up Easier than Ever!

Please Note: Our November newsletter has been updated to provide links to the Tracking & Monitoring Tools page where the new Hearing Screening & Diagnostic Log, instructions, and other helpful documentation and tracking tools can be accessed. 

Link: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Revised-November-Probes---Tips---Tracking-Tool-Update-Makes-Hearing-Screening-Follow-up-Easier-then-Ever-.html?soid=1102782899287&aid=qB6jNxYkPIs

Register for the NCHAM Webinar on 11/17/16: Infant Audiology QI Action Kit

On Thursday, November 17th, NCHAM will be hosting the webinar: “Infant Audiology QI Action Kit presented by Amanda Norton and Elizabeth Seeliger.


Are you a State EHDI Coordinator who would like to see improved audiologic care for families and timely data reporting to the EHDI Program? Come learn how you can use the new interactive, web-based Infant Audiology QI Action Kit.

Link: http://www.infanthearing.org/resources_home/events/infant-audiology-QI-action-kit.html

8 digital life skills all children need – and a plan for teaching them

A generation ago, IT and digital media were niche skills. Today, they are a core competency necessary to succeed in most careers.

That’s why digital skills are an essential part of a comprehensive education framework. Without a national digital education programme, command of and access to technology will be distributed unevenly, exacerbating inequality and hindering socio-economic mobility.

Link: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/09/8-digital-life-skills-all-children-need-and-a-plan-for-teaching-them