Beach student with hearing loss receives special stethoscope to pursue her dreams of being a nurse

Something stood in the way of Emma Colley’s pursuit of learning more about the medical world: the ability to use a stethoscope.

Not any more. Virginia Beach City Public Schools has ordered one specially designed for the Bayside High School Health Sciences Academy student, who has a cochlear implant in each ear to help her hear.


Hear to Learn Tip

There are different reasons a child may have difficulty hearing, and this can create problems with communication. A child may not even realize they are having trouble hearing. You can help your child by recognizing signs of difficulty, and when you see signs, you can take action to help. Some actions you can complete at home, while others may need the help of your audiologist.

Hear to Learn Tip

THINK ABOUT… The development of social skills is important to a child’s success in the classroom. These skills include knowing how to ask questions like, “how are you?” and recognizing others’ feelings. Children with hearing loss may experience difficulty in developing the language skills needed to ask and answer questions that include abstract components, such as understanding how someone else is feeling and why. This activity can help children practice these skills superhero style.