The Words and the Music: New Workshop from Cochlear Americas HOPE Campaign

Cochlear Americas is delighted to announce that the popular HOPE workshop “Children with
Cochlear Implants: The Words and the Music” is coming to Wisconsin on
September 20. This educational seminar is intended for professionals working
with young children with hearing loss as well as parents of young children with
hearing loss. CEUs from AG Bell, ASHA and AAA will be provided.

workshop explores relationships: between music and auditory skill development,
between vocabulary and language comprehension, and between language
comprehension skills and literacy. Strategies for building vocabulary,
facilitating book sharing, and enhancing read-aloud activities will be
discussed and supported through video and interactive exchange. The importance
of music as part of the auditory skill development of young children with
cochlear implants will be explored. Strategies for incorporating music in a
child’s therapy and educational programs will be suggested.

workshop will also be given in San Diego (January 25, 2012) and Washington DC
(March 13, 2012).

more information, please visit the HOPE website at