Mission to hear: Couple seeks hearing aids for children in Mexico

Each year, Dr. Sherry Gaddis Weldele and her husband Frank, both licensed doctors of audiology
take mission trips to South America and Mexico to help people hear,
seeing mostly children with hearing problems. These children have no other means to
obtain hearing aids and many of these children have hearing problems because of the lack of
health care.
Sherry and Frank take portable testing equipment with them and have a 95 percent accuracy rate to detect hearing loss, something this couple has been doing for the past
10 years.
The couple want
people to know any donation, whether it is money or used hearing aids
will be put to good use.
The deadline to donate is the end of January 2012.

Link: http://www.journalstandard.com/features/x1904671753/Mission-to-hear-Couple-seeks-hearing-aids-for-children-in-Mexico