Cochlear Implants: Navigating a Forest of Information, One Tree at a Time

Since 2003, when this popular resource was originally developed, the
forest of information on cochlear implants has continued to grow. The
“trees” within this document have been updated to reflect this growth.
Similar to the previous document, it is
designed for both families and professionals and includes information,
resources, and references on topics surrounding cochlear implants,
including information about the technology and manufacturers, the
process to obtain a cochlear implant, insurance, surgery, programming
the speech processor, and training the ear to listen. It also addresses
considerations specific to making the decision of obtaining a cochlear
implant as well as language and educational planning for children using
cochlear implants. To find a wealth of information and links to even
more information about children and cochlear implants, make Navigating a
Forest of Information your first stop at Gallaudet University’s Cochlear Implant Education Center.