For Children with Hearing Loss, Parents Desired Outcomes Should Drive Early Intervention & Use of Hearing Technology

Even though they had gathered a mountain of information, received
support from their pediatrician, approval from their insurance company,
and spoke to countless other parents – some of whom had chosen cochlear
implants for their children with hearing loss and others who had not –
they found the most resistance from their early intervention providers.
Not only were these professionals unsupportive, they provided grossly
inaccurate information about cochlear implants and listening and spoken
language outcomes. 

For parents of young children with hearing loss, research informs us
that approximately 95% of these parents are hearing themselves and have
little or no experience with deafness. So, what are parents to do and how should they determine what is best
for their infant or toddler who has been diagnosed with hearing loss? Read more in this article.