Mexico Goes Live with Hyper Connected Health IT Solution to Support Newborn Hearing Screening

The Ministry of Health, and hospitals throughout the state of
Guanajuato, Mexico, have gone live with OZ Systems’ health information
management solutions to provide secure, cloud-based data administration
and case management support for the government’s newborn hearing screening program.

The Guanajuato project is a key milestone advancing Mexico’s Universal
Newborn Hearing Screening Program. It is also a tremendous advance in
data systems interoperability. Even in the United States, many Early
Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) programs are not connected to
birth registry databases. With the landmark Guanajuato project, when a
baby is registered in their National Database, OZ Systems’ e-Screener
Plus II™ (eSP II™) application receives important demographic
information from hospitals – avoiding manual entry of information,
creating efficiencies, and reducing opportunities for human error or
missed information.

Most importantly, it allows hospital
coordinators to keep track of every baby with hearing loss so they can
be rescreened or referred to a specialist for early intervention,
treatment and follow-up.