Webinar Presented by Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center set for May 1st

This week we are pleased to share a resource for your May calendar.

On May 1, 2014, the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center of Gallaudet University will present “What the Eyes Reveal about the Brain: Advances in Human Language Acquisition—Insights from Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2) and the Brain and Language Laboratory (BL2)” with Dr Laura-Ann Petitto as faculty. This pre-recorded Webcast will air from 2:00 – 3:00 pm EST and will be followed by a live question and answer session. Click on the link below to register for this free event.

This unique format will introduce important research on the impact on brain structure and function. You will learn what BL2 research shows about the bilingual brain, early language acquisition, and the implications for deaf and hard of hearing children.

Laura-Ann Petitto, PhD is the science director and co-principal investigator of the National Science Foundation and Gallaudet University’s Science of Learning Center, VL2. For more information about Dr Petitto’s research, see her web page at http://petitto.gallaudet.edu.

As the Q&A will take place in a live session, you and your colleagues will want to be sure to add this Webcast to your calendars right away. If you participate, we are interested in hearing your feedback and insights!

Link: http://www.123contactform.com/form-816710/Petitto-Webinar-2014