Helping hard-of-hearing students in Dubuque

Drayden Ayers glanced toward his educational interpreter for a moment.

With a twinkle in his eye, the Carver Elementary School second-grader raised his hand in a small-group reading station to answer yet another question.

“It’s awesome (going to school) because I get to do a lot of things,” Drayden said.

The young student is one of more than 70 in the Dubuque Community School District with a form of hearing loss, the Telegraph Herald ( ) reported.

“Our kids can do everything that anyone else can do, except for hear,” said Megan Johannsen, a district teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing. “The big thing we push with them is they are different, but that is a good thing. Everyone is a little bit different, and this just happens to be how they are. We teach them to be proud of that.”

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