Deaf Sheboygan Falls student mentors others

School life wasn’t always easy for Caitlin Trumm.

You maybe wouldn’t know it now — the congenial Sheboygan Falls High School freshman has a core group of friends, participates in multiple school sports and maintains good grades.

At one time, however, Caitlin was the target of classmates’ teasing and ignorance. Born with profound hearing loss, Caitlin said some of her classmates labeled her “the deaf girl” and poked fun at the cochlear implants she wore to be able to hear.


Helping hard-of-hearing students in Dubuque

Drayden Ayers glanced toward his educational interpreter for a moment.

With a twinkle in his eye, the Carver Elementary School second-grader raised his hand in a small-group reading station to answer yet another question.

“It’s awesome (going to school) because I get to do a lot of things,” Drayden said.

The young student is one of more than 70 in the Dubuque Community School District with a form of hearing loss, the Telegraph Herald ( ) reported.

“Our kids can do everything that anyone else can do, except for hear,” said Megan Johannsen, a district teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing. “The big thing we push with them is they are different, but that is a good thing. Everyone is a little bit different, and this just happens to be how they are. We teach them to be proud of that.”

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