RESCHEDULED webinar: Meaningful, Measurable Suggestions for Including Family Engagement in the Upcoming EHDI HRSA Grant Competition: A Panel Discussion

In response to several requests, based on the timeline for the new EHDI HRSA grant, we have moved up the webinar to Friday, September 2 at 12ET. We hope this time change is able to capture more EHDI teams and better inform your grant applications. If you are unable to attend, the webinar will be recorded and posted on

Introduction and Facilitator: Alyson Ward (NCHAM)

Moderator:  Janet DesGeorges (Hands & Voices)

Panelists:  State EHDI Team Participants:

  • Colorado: Erica McKiever & Vickie Thompson (EHDI)/Sara Kennedy (COHV chapter director)
  • Louisiana:  Terri Ibieta (EHDI)/ Jill Guidry (LA H&V)
  • Wyoming: Bradley Bakken & Jacqueline Meinceke (EHDI)/Wendy Hewitt (WY H&V)

This interactive webinar will include a panel of three EHDI coordinators and their correlating parent leaders who will share their experience in effectively partnering. The information they share, will include aims, outcomes, and strategies they included on their last HRSA proposal and how they were able to work together to reach their aims. Specifically, the EHDI coordinator and parent teams will demonstrate how the incorporation of families lead to desirable outcomes in all aspects of EHDI:  screening, follow up, diagnosis, early intervention, quality improvement processes, parent representation, and parent to parent support.  The goal of this webinar is for state EHDI teams to learn aboutinnovative strategies to improve EHDI programs through the inclusion of parent engagement that states may include in their upcoming EHDI HRSA grant.