Info on Tele-Intervention

Looking for info regarding Tele-Intervention? See this recorded webinar from the ECTA Center.

Use of Tele-Intervention in Early Intervention (IDEA Part C): Strategies for Providing Services Under the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
The recorded webinar is explores Part C policy and infrastructure issues for states to consider addressing in order to establish and fund early intervention through video-based tele-intervention, including:
Funding Opportunities: Medicaid and private insurancePrivacy Issues: HIPAA and FERPAConsent from families (What is needed?)Video Conferencing: Technology and ConsiderationsThe good news is that barriers and challenges are less than some may think and a number of states have experience in delivering effective services through tele-intervention that we can learn from.

The webinar and related handouts are available on the ECTA Center website: