Webinar invitation – Hearing Screening in newborns and infants

WHO kindly invites you to join the webinar on “Newborn hearing screening: considerations for implementation “. During this webinar, experts will review the recommendations made by WHO and share experiences and challenges from the field.

*The status of newborn hearing screening in the world: Dr Katrin Neumann, Germany

*Newborn hearing screening: addressing the policy gap: (TBC)

*Newborn hearing screening and intervention: addressing the service gap: Dr Mohan Kameswaran, India

*Reducing the lost-to-follow-up: addressing the challenges of tracking: (TBC)


Date and time : 6 October 2021, 0800 to 0930  CEST  and 1700 to 1830 CEST  (same session will be held twice to facilitate participation across all time zones).