Oticon Foundation and Ida Institute Issue Worldwide Call for Ideas to Increase Public Awareness and Action for Hearing Loss

It is widely accepted that there is a critical need to increase public
awareness and understanding of hearing loss. The Oticon Foundation and the non-profit Ida Institute have launched: Ideas,
Speak up – Action and Awareness for Hearing Loss, a worldwide open
call for ideas that have the potential to generate better understanding
of hearing loss, change public perception and encourage people to take
action. Individuals and groups are invited to submit their original
ideas online for awareness projects that have the potential to affect
change locally and globally, are simple and cost-effective and inspire
people to action.

The call for ideas runs through September 2012. During this time, ideas
will be shared online at
and commenting and voting will take place.

Link: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/oticon-foundation-and-ida-institute-issue-worldwide-call-for-ideas-to-increase-public-awareness-and-action-for-hearing-loss-2012-04-19