Like the video and help the University of Western Ontario get a grant to work with people in South Africa to improve EHDI programs.

The University of Western Ontario is applying for a grant from Canada’s
Grand Challenges to  work with people in South Africa to improve Early
Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) programs. In addition to a
written application, they were required to create
a two minute video about their bold idea. Part of the selection process
is determined by how many people “like” the video.

Please view the video using the link below and decide whether you “like”
it.  You will have to login to the Grand Challenges website to vote and
you can only vote once.  Instructions for voting:

on the link

2.     Click on ‘Login’ and then ‘Create a New Account’
3.     Fill out the registration form and register your account
4.     Play the video
5.     “Like” the video